Certifying a Translation from English into Bulgarian

Electronic Document Translation

General Terminology

Company Documentation (Invoice, Certificate of Good Standing, Contract, Agreement, Articles of Association, Memorandum, Minutes, Annual Financial Statement, Balance, Statement of Revenue and Expenditure, General Terms and Conditions, Financial Statement, Articles of Incorporation, etc.)

General Documents Issued by State Institutions (Birth Certificate, Death Certificate, Marriage Certificate, Marital Status Certificate, Civil Status Certificate, Conviction Certificate, Certificates issued by Police, Certificates issued by National Revenue Agency, Certificates issued by National Social Security Institute, Vehicle Registration Card, ID card, Extract of Entry, etc.)

General Documents Issued by Education Institutions (Diploma of Secondary Education, Diploma of Higher Education, Diploma Supplement, Transcript of Records, Transfer Certificate, Transcript of Grades, Certificate of Student Status, Certificate of Professional Qualification, etc.)


Personal mailing, Power of Attorney, Declaration, Reference, CV, Bank Statement, Driving Licence, Certificate, Certificate issued by employer, Permit, etc.


Price: BGN 12.00/translation page

Specific-field Terminology

Legal Terminology (Judgement, Notary Deed, Divorce Certificate/ Decree, etc.)

Technical Terminology (Technical Specification, Operation and Maintenance Manual, Certificate of Conformity, Instructions for Use, Certificate of Origin, etc.)

Scientific Terminology: Ecology, Energy Industry, Agriculture, Culture, Art, Tourism, Philosophy, Psychology, etc.


Price: BGN 15.00/translation page

Consecutive Interpretation

Price: BGN 35.00/hour*

Price for interpretation before Notary Public: BGN 45.00/hour*

* Price is due for engaged hour, i.e. if the time period of interpretation is less than one hour, the price due is the price determined for one hour – pricing is not based on minutes. The price determined for one hour is charged when new hour begins.

Certifying a Translation from English into Bulgarian

Translation is certified by Notary Public who certifies translator’s signature, thus proving that translator of the document is included in the list of sworn translators at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.


Price: BGN 12.00 (Translated text cost is not included.)

Electronic Document Translation

In case that you do not need to provide a hard copy of translation, it will be sent to you via email.