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Send your document via email or via contact form. Then you will receive an offer stating the price and term when translation will be ready. Work on translation starts after you have confirmed the offer both via email and phone. In your email you should state the way of delivery preferred by you and phone number on which I will contact you after you confirm via email first.

Translation is delivered to Econt or Speedy Office, as well as to an address specified by you at your expense. In case that your order consists of two translation pages* or more, delivery is FREE OF CHARGE. The basic price for one piece of official translation issued in hard copy form is BGN 12.00, i.e. the minimum price which you will pay for one translated document is BGN 12.00 even if characters with spaces number is lower than 1800. Counting starts when text characters with spaces number exceeds 1800. Payment can be made in cash on delivery for which a receipt is issued and also an invoice – if it is requested in advance, or via bank transfer for which an invoice is issued. Invoice data should be sent by email.

* One translation page contains 1800 characters with spaces based on translated text. You can calculate the number of translated pages in Word document the following way:

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